creative process


Through the medium of mixed-media collage I explore the intersection between the messiness of my ordinary life and my dream or unconscious states that seek expression and integration.

This creative process of deconstruction and reconstruction brings awareness and understanding to personal and collective myths that have influenced my life as a woman. This art of reconstruction is a conscious and empowering way to create new narratives, and walk a different path.

I facilitate a similar creative process with clients where we explore themes of sexuality or relationships. Healing or personal transformation is approached in playful and tactile ways.

These featured artworks of mine below, are available as limited edition prints.

Limited Edition Prints

Dreaming the Way fine art collage by Dominique Hazell

Dreaming the Way
Mixed-media collage, 2023

Your Hymn fine art collage by Dominique Hazell

Your Hymn
Mixed-media collage, 2023

Sustenance in the Realm of the Sacred fine art collage by Dominique Hazell

Sustenance in the Realm of the Sacred
Mixed-media collage, 2022

In Quest of Eternal Truth fine art collage by Dominique Hazell

In Quest of Eternal Truth
Mixed-media collage, 2022

Swan Song of Whitening by Dominique Hazell

The Swan Song of Whitening
Mixed-media collage, 2021

Moon Temple I by Dominique Hazell

Moon Temple I
Mixed-media collage, 2021

Finding Ourselves in the Blue by Dominique Hazell

Finding Ourselves in the Blue
Mixed-media collage, 2020

My Broken Wing of Desire by Dominique Hazell

My Broken Wing of Desire
Mixed-media collage, 2020

Be the Seeing by Dominique Hazell

Be the Seeing
Mixed-media collage, 2020

The Whispering Spell Casters by Dominique Hazell

The Whispering Spell Casters
Mixed-media collage, 2020

Muse I by Dominique Hazell

Muse I
Mixed-media collage, 2020

Muse II by Dominique Hazell

Muse II
Mixed-media collage, 2020

Crossing Over by Dominique Hazell

Crossing Over
Mixed-media collage, 2020

An Ode to Freyja by Dominique Hazell

An Ode to Freyja
Mixed-media collage, 2020

The Wilderness by Dominique Hazell

The Wilderness
Mixed-media collage, 2020

The All-Seeing I by Dominique Hazell

The All Seeing I
Mixed-media collage, 2020

After Eden by Dominique Hazell

After Eden
Mixed-media collage, 2020

The Mysteries of Power by Dominique Hazell

The Mysteries of Power
Mixed-media collage, 2020

The Great Secret by Dominique Hazell

The Great Secret
Mixed-media collage, 2021

Face to Face with God by Dominique Hazell

Face to Face with God
Mixed-media collage, 2021

Limited Edition Prints of 15 (per size).

Hand-signed and numbered.

Archival quality, Giclée prints on Hahnemϋhle paper.

Print Sizes Available:
A4 (approx 210 x 297 mm)
A3 (approx 297 x 420 mm)
A2 (approx 420 x 594 mm)

For more information about print orders, original artworks or commissions,
please email

* Prints are rolled and packaged securely in cardboard tubing for shipping.
* All prints are sold unframed.