Eroticism is a total being experience of the movement of our life force through us, influencing our body, thoughts, emotions and energetic state. When we cultivate a relationship with our erotic nature we work holistically with ourselves by tuning into our body’s intelligence and opening to our soul’s wisdom. This in turn connects us directly with the mystical qualities of vitality, vibrancy and aliveness inherent in all of creation.

How we experience the erotic within ourselves is determined by what we allow to flow through us that makes us feel good; from the quality of our intimate relationship with ourselves and others, our bodies, our desires to how much pleasure we give ourselves permission to feel, or how much we believe we deserve to feel, how much pleasure we have access to within ourselves and how safe we feel to express this.

Essentially our connection and attitude towards our own eroticism, our embodied sexuality and limitless creative potential, influences how good we feel as we move through our lives and how intentional we are with our sacred life force energy.

– How open, curious and receptive are you to new experiences and directions?

– What kinds of risks are you prepared to take to move you closer towards that which you want to manifest?

– What gets in the way of you experiencing more pleasure, sexual or otherwise, in your life?

– What stories and patterns keep repeating that keep you feeling stuck, numb, reactive, frustrated or depleted?

– If you had access to a wider range of vitality and creative flow within, how would you use this energy?

– How can you create space in your life to feel good with who you are and enjoy more pleasure in your body?

Photo by Angelika Kollin