Intimacy is the foundation of embodiment. In turn embodiment is the ability to listen, feel and interpret the messages of the body, and tap into its resources of wisdom and vitality.

Your body is your greatest ally. Your heart is your compass and if you’re a woman, your pelvic bowl is the centre of deep, wild knowing. Your body is the home of the soul and your connection to the world and Source. If you’re willing to trust and listen to your body’s signals it will guide you towards healing and insight.

Intimacy is all about being present with your current inner experience. It’s an invitation to explore the quality and textures of sensations, feelings and even thoughts, without trying to change or fix or repress what’s emerging. Presence with the body is revealed through these emerging and changing sensations.

Cultivating an intimacy practice with yourself involves sensitising your body to yourself, your environment and your lover. As your senses wake up and your whole system comes online, a relaxed responsiveness and quiet aliveness emerges and you find yourself being able to experience a wider range of pleasure in your life.

From here you can extend your experience of intimacy with another, in partnership, friendship and parenting. Notice how these external dynamics start shifting once you start becoming more intimate with yourself.

–  What does intimacy mean to you?
–  What quality of intimacy do you most desire and are you able to offer this to yourself?
–  Are you able to genuinely receive that which you want to give the Other?
–  Do you give yourself permission to explore intimacy?

Photo by Angelika Kollin