Private Coaching

Dominique Hazell Coaching


My Approach

As a Women’s Embodiment Guide, I support women in feeling connected and alive in their bodies, sexuality and unique expression of their soul essence. I work in the intersections of eroticism, soul and creativity.

My approach is elemental and foundational; focused on guiding you to access and harness your intrinsic vitality and creative potential allowing for transformation and growth through direct connection with your body, emotions, and soul.

How I Work

Aligned with our deepest truth and authentic desires we can touch a more conscious flow of richness, depth, purpose and reverence. I’m interested in returning to this authentic and essential way of being in our lives – of being rooted in the inherent wisdom and intelligence of the body.

I work emergently and hold space for your deep unfolding as you explore new levels of intimacy with yourself. What’s on the edge of your awareness and what seeks expression. Together we create a safe space of depth, heart and clarity in which to explore your longings and desires, the dynamic between your current reality and your vision. The intention being for you to experience embodied power and a greater range of personal expression as you move towards living a more fulfilling life. I offer tools and practices that restore safety and balance within the body and give you access to your innate vitality.

My work is influenced by ProcessWork, trauma-informed therapies, neuroscience, body intelligence, Taoist Tantric traditions, mysticism, alchemy, and indigenous wisdom traditions.

Coaching Themes


Embodiment is the process of returning to the body as the foundation of wellbeing and authentic power, and having access to your natural knowing. When you pause, pay attention, attune and respond, you learn to understand your physical body’s unique language, which is the fastest way to shift states, perspectives and patterns.

Bringing awareness to the inner signals of your body, you learn to access and mobilise the nervous system. Restoring trust in your body and intuition, you are able to heal foundational and habitual patterns while cultivating intimate and dynamic relationships, internally and externally. With consciousness you broaden your agility and capacity to experience a wider range of emotions, situations and environments.


One of the most direct routes to transformation is working with your erotic nature. I use a body-based framework to understand how sexuality is experienced through the living body. This approach incorporates somatic awareness, movement and breathwork to safely explore your relationship with your sexuality and expression thereof.

Attuning to your pleasure, sexual and otherwise, you access the Erotic as a potent source of wisdom, power and energy. When you learn how to use your vital energy, activated by your deep desires, you can use this as a generative force and compass guiding you towards your true purpose, fulfilment and evolution.

I work with you to restore, develop and deepen your connection to your sexual and sacred source. Together we explore ways to move past blockages that inhibit sexual fulfilment, deeper intimacy and fully inhabiting your body.

Emotional Alchemy

Emotions provide you with information about what is currently present within you, and what seeks attention. Working with the frequency of the heart through emotional awareness and engagement with subtle energetics, you are able to alchemize your present experience of being ruled by emotions to using them as a source of energy and creative response rather than reaction.

Developing presence and curiosity about emotions, such as anger, pain and grief allows you to explore what the deep need is without returning to your old narrative. This in itself is hugely empowering, but the deeper gift is that soon the emotions become a trustworthy guide to moving your life forwards rather than keeping you stuck.

From this clear, embodied and attuned state you’ll be able to influence your reality and seek out experiences and relationships that sustain and nourish you, and inform your actions in the world.

A Path of Artistry

When you experience your true self and align with your calling or blueprint, you tap into the current of life. Learning to recognise your true desires, harnessing the energy within your system and refining your vision, you have more traction to pursue and manifest your purpose. This journey of cultivation and mastery, centres around what brings genuine joy and fulfilment, and culminates in you offering your unique resonance to the world with a spirit of reciprocity.


Individual Sessions

One-on-one coaching focuses on creating effective and sustainable changes within a defined area and is offered in 4 – 6 session cycles.

Sessions are individually designed and draw on a range of multi-disciplinary teachings, therapies and techniques which mostly involve embodiment or mindfulness practices, sexual somatics, practical skills-development, and support during times of transition and integration.

Selected practices, prompts and resources, customised specifically for you to engage in when we are not in session and beyond, are offered so that you can cultivate your own unique set of practices that become a part of your life.

Sessions take place online, unless it’s possible to meet in person weekly or every other week in Cape Town.

Photography by Angelika Kollin

I offer a once-off free call to explore resonance
and ways to work together.

What people are saying

“The coaching I received from Dominique was life-saving. I was at a point in my life where I was really struggling to trust my intuition and create the life and relationship that I knew I truly desired. She guided me through some very challenging moments where fear and doubt had become overwhelming. I will be forever grateful for the support, guidance and wisdom that Dominique provided, and I recommend her wholeheartedly to any woman who desires a deep level of trust, safety and integrity within a coaching container.”

– LJH (coaching)

“Dominique’s insight into the erotic is enlightening. Her gentle demeanour creates a wonderfully safe space in which to explore. There is a deep sense of relaxation and empowerment which emerges after her workshop. As a woman, this journey adds another layer of connection to understanding our sexuality and harnessing its creative power.”

– SC (workshop)

“This workshop provided a wonderful opportunity for me to drop deeply into myself, my body and my feelings within a gently and expertly held safe space. The embodiment practices were simply yet profoundly effective and easily applicable as a regular self-practice, which I really appreciate. This is an absolutely amazing space to learn about and explore your own erotic nature.”

– MH (workshop)