Various cultures and traditions believe the seat of consciousness and wisdom resides in different places in the body from the pineal gland, heart, solar plexus to the base of the spine. This awareness and understanding that our bodies contain a range of biointelligence and innate power is ancient and well founded, yet has been discarded along the way together with non-rational, feminine wisdom in favour of the mental, top-down approach to living and interacting in the world.

When we return home by opening and attuning ourselves to the intelligence inherent in our bodies we have the opportunity to heal, live in harmony with our current reality and in alignment with our true selves. We learn to live from the inside outwards, rooted in our wise, non-rational knowing, able to meet our own needs and have capacity to respond to any given situation effectively and appropriately.

As you learn to trust your body’s capacity to heal and come into coherence by listening to its unique biointelligence and following its lead, you develop resilience, restore vitality, and a deep connection and intimacy with yourself in ways you don’t have access to otherwise. This shift from perceiving our bodies as either holding us back or being disconnected from it means we experience our bodies differently. And when this happens our experience of the world around us changes.

To understand the wisdom of your body, enter into dialogue with it, ask yourself what drives it. The need to push, shut down or resist? Ask your body where it feels the wisest or where, in this moment, you feel safe?

Slow down and scan your body and allow the answer to surface through the information channels of your body – an emotion, thought, image, sound, movement or sensation. A longing or a sense of aliveness like a particular sensation or pulse within, a spontaneous movement or gesture.

These signals (information) are nonlinear and can be subtle or overt. Pay attention to whatever emerges and follow the impulse to explore it further. If you have a question ask this part of your body, your ally, lovingly and wait, feel, listen deeply for the answer. Or let this wise part move you.

Notice the quality of your energy levels after this practice. As your body awareness develops and you integrate more parts of yourself so too will you have access to more energy and vitality within your system.

Photo by Angelika Kollin