When referring to the Erotic, I’m speaking of a fundamental and intrinsic resource within. Beyond sex and the sexual it’s a resource that brings us to life and connects us to our joy, our pleasure and vitality. When we include and engage with the Erotic, we invite life force energy and boundless creative potential into our lives. As we enter into relationship with our essence and co-create with our life force, we engage with our innocence and approach life with a wide-eyed curiosity, openness and sense of awe.

Since life is so complex, paradoxical and rich with lessons, this curious aliveness and sense of wonderment keeps us present and open to possibility. Reminding us, when things get too heavy and messy, that there’s a natural, untamed joy that exists within connecting us to our essential, inborn goodness, the goodness of others, the tremendous wisdom of wild nature and the expansiveness of the cosmos.

Working with the Erotic involves bringing awareness, vitality and movement to your rich interior landscape. Enlivening the physical, emotional, psychological and energetic strata of your being. One such practice is grounding yourself in the beauty of your life and celebrating yourself. No matter how small or mundane, slowing down and pausing to notice the simplest of pleasures that exist around you, like the scent of jasmine on a balmy summer’s evening. Or the invigorating feeling of swimming in the ocean on a rainy day. Trust your senses and take your pleasure in them.

You’ll know you’re in the realm of the Erotic when a tingling, vivacious quality of playfulness, sensuality, novelty and vibrancy infuses your whole being. It’s the pulse of pleasure or the fire of rage. Ranging from the subtle to the intense. By intimately engaging with what feels good, savouring and anchoring this, deep transformation is able to take place beyond the language of words and thoughts. It’s a rapturous, full-presence experience.

How You Can Relate to This Erotic Energy:

As Eros, or arousal energy, moves through you, it stirs up the sedimentary layers of your unconscious, waking up what’s been inaccessible, blocked or unresolved; revealing what’s been dormant or suppressed so you can work with it directly and integrate more of yourself. Another way of  saying this is that erotic energy or life force energy circumvents the mind while giving you access to more parts of yourself, through different pathways other than the intellect, that have previously been denied or disowned. Especially in the context of sexual desires and expression. This is not always an easy or comfortable process, which requires discernment, support and internal capacity.

With this awareness, follow the current of life force as it spirals downwards and trust that in the process, you’ll be led towards hidden parts of yourself longing to be seen, acknowledged and integrated, beyond the cravings, the compulsions or suppression. Give yourself permission to gently turn inwards in the direction of something that feels edgy or taboo, and allow it to take space, without judgement or needing to do anything.

When you engage with the Erotic from this perspective, trust that you’ll be opened up in ways that invite more sensitivity, more receptivity and engagement with your whole life.

This doesn’t mean you have to act out some extreme fantasy or push yourself beyond what feels comfortable or accessible. There are many safe ways to give small expression to erotic proclivities that feel too threatening, embarrassing, shameful or potentially damaging to share. Dancing is a great way to express different aspects of your sexuality in the privacy of your own home. Maybe introducing a leather harness to wear under your clothes or a piece of lingerie for your own sexy pleasure. Perhaps going knicker-free for a day feels both liberating and risky at the same time. And if you’re in a loving partnership, maybe exploring fantasy role-play together might feel incredibly liberating and deepen intimacy.

Consciously working with your vital energy involves learning about what’s pleasurable to you, what turns you on, how to recognise it and then anchor these sensations in your body. By doing so you create new reference points of what feels good, healthy and accessible in your body, in contrast to any trauma or challenging experiences you’re facing. This capacity to feel good in contrast to feelings of discomfort is an essential component needed while engaged with deep, internal work. Being able to remember moments of feeling good in yourself, emotionally, physically or otherwise, gives you courage to continue doing the work when it feels relentless.

Practicing holding a pleasurable charge inside your body offers you an expansive sense of what’s possible beyond the negative experience. It’s an opportunity to recognise and shift existing narratives that keep you stuck or in pain. You become more spacious within, more discerning and open to new, fresh experiences. From this integrated and attuned state, you’re able to make positive and healthy changes, take risks, try new things and be more adventurous.

This full-bodied awareness is the core of feminine practice. It’s an organic, undulating, relational and responsive experience, connecting you directly to the wellspring of authentic power, sensual aliveness, wild wisdom and creative flow. Erotic embodiment, in particular, is associated with qualities of feminine consciousness – receptivity, rootedness, responsiveness, intuition, access to emotions and deep non-rational knowing. When mediated through presence, reverence and an awake heart, Eroticism becomes an alchemical force for actualisation. As we transform ourselves, able to be more present with our lives, the world around us changes.

Essentially working with the Erotic is an invitation to turn towards both your desires and buried parts of yourself, while recognising the deep needs that lies underneath and giving it all room to exist. Using your capacity to feel and hold arousal energy as a profoundly healing resource, you’re now able to embrace estranged parts and live from wholeness. This is the transformational quality of the Erotic, a sacred path to integration and embodiment.


Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy